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Reasons to Support OCYS & OCYSE

Sponsors & Partners

The Orange County Youth Symphony Orchestra is proud to be sponsored by and partnered with the following organizations and wishes to acknowledge their vital role in making our orchestra performances possible. 

The Friends of the OCYS/OCYSE 

The Friends of the OCYS/OCYSE aims to provide financial and organizational support for the Orange County Youth Symphony Orchestra through direct donations and fundraising activities. The Friends' efforts provide monies for the annual fall auditions, concert programs, and promotional materials. The Friends of the OCYS/OCYSE also support special workshops and master classes for orchestra members. In addition, orchestra tours are partially underwritten by the Friends of the OCYS/OCYSE, reducing the cost to individual orchestra members and their families. 

Members of the Friends of the OCYS/OCYSE donate their time, helping with concert performances, tours, and post-concert receptions. This dedicated group provides all the necessary efforts to elevate and promote OCYS/OCYSE.