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Update as of 7/10/2024

Auditions are still open for:

Thank you for your interest in Orange County’s ‘Official Youth Orchestra’ for over 50 Years!

Our diverse roster represents student musicians from nearly 60 middle school, high school, and college programs from Orange County and surrounding areas.

The Philharmonic Society of Orange County and the OCYS/E staff are committed to sharing the intercultural love of orchestral music, advancing, inspiring, and cultivating musical performance for lifelong learning with young adult musicians in grades 5 through 13. OCYS and OCYSE proudly serve as music ambassadors to each other and our local schools, districts, and communities throughout Southern California.

Audition Applications: Auditions for Orange County Youth Symphony & Orange County String Ensemble 2024-2025 season are still available for the above listed instruments.

Expectations: Active participation in your school music program (if available) during the 2024-2025 school year.

Applications: Audition fee, audition application, and audition video must be submitted. If you are auditioning for one of the instruments listed at the top of the page, we will be accepting auditions through August 15, 2024. 

Audition Instructions:

  1. Download & practice the required audition excerpt(s) for OCYS or excerpt(s) and scale(s) for OCYSE. See below for all excerpt(s) and/or scale(s).
  2. Select & practice a solo piece of your choosing that is under two minutes which best demonstrates your playing ability.  
  3. Play for friends and family to build confidence and refine your performance.
  4. Record a practice audition video and review it. Check for the best picture and sound. Adjust camera, lighting, and staging if needed.
  5. Complete the OCYS/E audition application.
  6. Submit the $35 audition fee.
  7. Record a final video audition and submit to the final question on the OCYS/E audition application.

Enjoy the audition process. Best of luck to you in your musical endeavors!

Audition Flyer for 24-25

OCYS Audition Excerpt(s)

Musical excerpts are posted for each instrument below. Music does not need to be memorized.


Musical excerpts are posted for each instrument below. Music does not need to be memorized. Tempos are as follows:

  • Mozart, Symphony No. 35, Allegro con spirito: Half note=70
  • Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake Suite, Op. 20a: Quarter note=160
  • Mozart, Symphony No. 35, Presto: Half note=115


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding our OCYS/E Audition Process? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below: