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Audition applications for the 2023-2024 Season of OCYS/E will open in March. Stay tuned!!

22-23 Audition FlyeR

How to Create Your Audition Video

Please follow the following procedure while recording your audition video: 

  1. State your name, age, and year in school (as of Fall 2022) 
  2. Perform audition excerpts, and an optional 2-minute solo excerpt of choice in order as outlined in the audition information. 
  3. Create your live, continuous, unaccompanied audition video in one sitting. Videos should NOT be edited. 
  4. Students should upload their video to their Google Drive account or to a Private YouTube account 
  5. Ensure privacy settings are set so that the judges can view your video. 
  6. Copy the share link to the video. 
  7. Paste the link into your audition application. (It will be the final question on the application, entitled ‘Audition Link’.) 

Helpful Tips for a Successful Audition

Excerpt Preparation: Listen to a recording of the required excerpts. This will assist you to understand the excerpt, tempos, style, and emotional intent. 

What Judges Listen For: Musical maturity, note and rhythmic accuracy, articulation dynamics, and expression. 

Attire: Dress in professional but comfortable playing attire.  

Video Setting: Check the lighting in your room and the placement of your camera.  

Record a Test Run: Good Sound, Lighting, and Positioning of your full playing position? 

Record the Audition – Enjoy 

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding our OCYS/E Audition Process? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below: