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  • Koe Composed by Yuta Sumiyoshi, dance arranged by Koki Miura (2021)
  • Miyake Arranged by Kodo Niwaka Composed by Masayasu Maeda (2021)  
  • Hae Composed by Motofumi Yamaguchi (1982)
  • Uminari Composed by Yuta Sumiyoshi (2021)  
  • Shinka Composed by Koki Miura (2021)  
  • Okoshi Composed by Masayasu Maeda, dance arranged by Koki Miura (2021)  
  • Dokuso Composed by Reo Kitabayashi (2021)  
  • Inochi Composed by Ryotaro Leo Ikenaga (2021)  
  • O-daiko Arranged by Kodo, Kenta Nakagome  
  • Yatai-bayashi Traditional, arranged by Kodo 

In “Warabe,” Kodo looks to its classic repertoire and aesthetics from the ensemble’s early days. This production blends simple forms of taiko expression that celebrate the unique sound, resonance, and physicality synonymous with Kodo—forever children of the drum at heart. Come and experience the soul-stirring rhythm of life firsthand.

Balancing a deadly aggression with utter tranquility, their sound stretches from the lightest of rainfall to cataclysmic thunderclaps, from pleasant laughter to discordant fear and from silence to – just once here – a wall of sound, as high, frightening and impregnable as a mountain. Musicians, theatre directors and all interested in the sheer power of sound to feed emotions should take note.

The Guardian (UK)


Part of the Eclectic Orange Series
sponsored by the Jelinek Family Trust

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