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Attacca Quartet

Attacca Quartet

Featured Performers


  • SHAW: Entr’acte (2011)

  • SHAW: Plan and Elevation (2011) 

  • SHAW: Three Essays (2016)

  • SHAW: Blueprint (2016)

  • SHAW: Evergreen (2022)

  • SHAW: Valencia (2012)

Pre-concert lecture by Kristi Brown Montesano at 2pm

The vibrant young players of Attacca Quartet performs pieces by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Caroline Shaw. Hear music from Shaw’s Orange album, which earned Attacca Quartet a Grammy Award for Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance, and other works from their recent Evergreen album. 

Grammy Award-winning Attacca Quartet, as described by The Nation, “lives in the present aesthetically, without rejecting the virtues of the musical past,” and it is this dexterity to glide between the music of the 18th through to 21st century living composer’s repertoire that has placed them as one of the most versatile and outstanding ensembles of the moment—a quartet for modern times. Accolades include First Prize at the 7th Osaka International Chamber Music Competition, the Top Prize and Listeners’ Choice award winners for the Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition, and Grand Prize Winners of the 60th annual Coleman Chamber Ensemble Competition.

They may be a relatively young ensemble, but already they come very close to epitomizing the string quartet ideal: four strikingly individual players with the ability to speak eloquently in one voice.

The Washington Post

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