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The Society’s youth music education programs, offered at no charge to schools, students or parents, and available to all Orange County public and private schools, have been one of the primary supplements to make up for the lack of funding for music education in our county’s schools and reach more than 160,000 students, from kindergarten through high school, each year.

Kindergarten through first grade teachers learn brain-based integrative strategies that teach core curriculum through music and movement. Second graders walk into the Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall and are fascinated as the Disneyland Band takes them on a musical exploration of the history of the American band. Third graders get a hands-on experience with the instruments of the orchestra through our Music Mobiles. Woodwind, brass, percussion, and string ensembles visit schools and perform for fourth through sixth grade students. Fifth graders hear a concert (perhaps for the first time) performed by kids not much older than them who are part of the Orange County Youth Symphony Orchestra, and watch as ballet dancers twirl and jump across the stage.

Schools must be enrolled in the Society’s youth music education programs in order to participate; these programs are not open to the public. All programming is based on the California Visual and Performing Arts Standards, and History and Social Science and English and Language Arts standards are integrated into programs.


The Committees of the Philharmonic Society deliver music programming right to schools. This programming offers friendly encounters with professional musicians, providing intimate experiences to students in familiar surroundings. Musical instruments are brought into the classroom by Music Mobile docents, K-1 teachers attend workshops teaching them how to integrate music and movement into core curricular instruction, and smaller professional instrumental ensembles enable a more personal experience for students.

Learn more about our extensive In-School Programs and teacher training programs. Please note that this is for information only. Attendance is not open to the general public but must be arranged through a participating school.


The concert-going experience is necessary to a complete education. Concerts and off-campus presentations for grades 2-12 students include an introduction to the band, an introduction to the symphony orchestra, world music concerts, art and history partnerships with local museums, and attendance at regular Philharmonic Society presentations of the world’s best orchestras.

View a list of Youth Concerts. Please note that this is for information only. Attendance is not open to the general public but must be arranged through a participating school.

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