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Music Monday: Inauguration music

Date: 1/21/2013

At President Obama's first inauguration 2009, he had an all-star quartet of Itzhak Perlman, Yo-Yo Ma, Gabriela Montero and Anthony McGill performing a piece that John Willams had composed for the occasion, "Air and Simple Gifts." This year, there are (practically) no classical musicians invited to perform. Then again, the temperatures were so cold at the last inauguration that the musicians played to a pre-recorded version of Williams' piece in lieu of risking their instruments. This year, there's a choral piece, "The New Colossus," written by U.S. composer David Ludwig in 2002, that will be performed during the church service. And Black Violin, a classically trained violin and viola duo from Florida, will also perform (not, I believe, during the church service but at some point during the festivities). The style of Black Violin is along the lines of classical meets hip-hop/funk.

"Air and Simple Gifts" at the 2009 Inauguration

David Ludwig - "The New Colossus"

Black Violin - "Triumph"

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