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Introducing our Musical Concierge: Randy Polevoi

Date: 12/5/2012

Hi! My name is Randy Polevoi and I am the Musical Concierge for the Philharmonic Society of Orange County. I am guest blogging this week as a way of introducing (or reintroducing) myself to old friends and the public at large in cyberspace. I will be contributing to this blog monthly, so keep an eye out for future posts from me. Most people do a double take when they hear the term “Musical Concierge.” Is this person handling hotel reservations, recommending restaurants or booking backstage tours of the Segerstrom Center for the Arts? The answer is probably not but possibly so! My job encompasses building relationships with single ticket buyers and subscribers and offering advice as it pertains to their concert experience—a kind of “go to” person when subscribers want to know more background on concert repertoire or the kind of subscription that meets their needs. In addition, I am sometimes called upon to recommend restaurants or even lodging for out of town guests, but since the vast majority of our concert goers reside in Orange County or the Southern California area, my comments are usually confined to dispensing information about the concerts themselves. I am no stranger to classical music—I actually have a doctoral degree in piano performance and frequently perform in concerts and also teach piano at a local community college.

I very much enjoy attending many of the concerts presented by the Philharmonic Society and can usually be found at the information table in the lobby at intermission. It is fascinating to meet with different subscribers at intermission and hear their different perspectives on a given concert. One person will notice the baton technique and body language of the conductor, while another is fascinated by the faces of different orchestral members and their visual interactions with the conductor. Some people will note the quality of a particular orchestral section (such as the brass section of the Chicago Symphony), or of a particular orchestral detail that they were not aware of when hearing a recorded performance. Of course there is always the music lover who notices a wrong note or two but that is rare at PSOC concerts!

The bulk of my job is to contact people by phone who attend our concerts on an occasional basis and get them excited and “fired up” to attend a group or package of concerts. Believe me—I know that people who do this get a bad reputation because they are automatically grouped into a profession people love to hate: telemarketers. This stigma certainly is many times justified because 1) telemarketers can be a real pain, 2) can be aggressive, and 3) always seem to call at the wrong time. Because I am sharing a quality product that I sincerely love and am passionate about, my angle is to simply share this passion with other people who have already whet their appetite and are looking for a friendly nudge to further their knowledge and appreciation of classical music. More to come in future posts.

Randy Polevoi

If you have a personal question about any aspect of our season or classical music in general, feel free to send me an e-mail at

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