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  • Christmas in Vienna

The illustrious group of child musicians has been delighting music lovers across the globe for six centuries with their purity of tone, distinctive charm and popular repertoire. “Christmas in Vienna” showcases these gifted musicians with voices of unforgettable beauty in an extraordinary program featuring Austrian folk songs, classical masterpieces, popular songs and, of course, holiday favorites. 

Founded in 1498 by the imperial decree of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, the Vienna Boys' Choir is among the oldest of all musical organizations. Over the centuries illustrious composers, including Mozart, Bruckner, Gluck, and Schubert, have written masterpieces for the Vienna Boys Choir. Many great musicians got their start as members of the choir including the great conductors Hans Richter, Clemens Krauss, and Lovro von Matacic.

The angelic voices of this most famous vocal group are ageless.

The Salt Lake Tribune

Pure and pristine sound.

San Francisco Chronicle

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