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Hi Kids! Do you like music? Do you like games and puzzles? Have you seen one of our concerts or programs recently with your school? The Society Kids Zone has some fun musical things to do, and you might just learn something cool while you’re at it!


Select an instrument to print out these pictures to color or paint. Have fun!



The following links have games, music, experiences and activities that will extend and enrich a child’s interest in music.

Classics for Kids
Click here to learn about the instruments of the orchestra and more!

Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
Click here for a whole treasure box of fun games and videos for kids, along with some great resources for teachers and parents!

New York Philharmonic
On this site you’ll click on whatever part of the screen that looks fun to you. Hang out in the musician’s lounge or stroll through
the composers gallery and finish the day with a visit to the game room with your friends.

San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
Compose your own tune with the “Composersizer” and perform music right on the computer with the “Performalator”!

Nashville Symphony Orchestra
Hear how each instrument in the orchestra sounds and see where they sit on stage. Meet real professional orchestra musicians!

Dallas Symphony Orchestra
There are games on this site as well, along with ideas to make your own instruments and other fun musical activities to do.


Read some thank-you letters from school children who have just enjoyed one of our music education programs or concerts.

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