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Onstage Seats with Itzhak Perlman: Behind-the-Scenes Look at Concert Production

Date: 1/23/2013

A guest blog post by Jeffrey Mistri, Artistic Administrator

Concert production logistics can be a tricky minefield to navigate and eventually execute. However, when everything comes together and works properly, the result can yield some tremendous payoffs! Case in point, last week, we were mulling over the possibility of adding onstage seating for the upcoming Itzhak Perlman performance. The standard seat map of the Segerstrom Concert Hall has been sold out for weeks. This means there are literally no available seats to offer to the public. However, some creative thinking on behalf of our production and marketing staff yielded an interesting opportunity for concert goers. We have a rare opportunity for the public to sit onstage with violin superstar Itzhak Perlman for his upcoming recital on February 10th. After some creative Tetris-like configuration scenarios, we settled on three sections of seating onstage, each commanding special one-of-a-kind views of the performance, literally making the seat holder a part of the performance!

A limited quantity of onstage seating is available starting at $250. For more information, or to reserve your Onstage Experience today, call the Philharmonic Society Patron Services Department at (949) 553-2422.

Thanks to our backstage crew at the Concert Hall for all your help!

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